Sandwiches & Wraps

Cravings’ Sandwiches

The Craving Envy:
Turkey warmed under a blanket of melted swiss cheese, with fresh spinach, Cravings roasted and layered red onion slices and drizzled with our signature dressing. Served on a homemade bun.
Craving Chicken Salad:
Our chicken salad served on a lightly grilled croissant topped with romaine lettuce and tomatoes.
Plain Jane or Joe:
Turkey or ham, swiss or cheddar, with mayo, mustard, or plain on a grilled homemade bun with romaine lettuce and tomatoes.
Chicken Pesto:
Grilled chicken breast topped with swiss cheese, mayo-pesto, avocado, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes. Served on our grilled homemade bun.
Cravings Club:
Turkey, ham, bacon, swiss, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, avocado, mayo and secret sauce on white or wheat.
Bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo on white or wheat
The Alisha:
Roasted portobello and button mushroom, cheddar cheese, spinach, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and mayo-pesto on a homemade bun.
Enjoy Wurstfest all year!
Grilled pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and caramelized onions. Served on grilled marbled rye with our signature sauce.

Cravings PB&J or Grilled Cheese:
The BEST grilled peanut butter and jelly you will ever have! We'll add honey if you like.
Bob Wills:
Our very own grilled bun with peanut butter and jelly slathered on and then topped with ham, bacon, and fried egg.

 Cravings’ Wraps

Spinach Wrap:
Turkey, swiss, spinach, Cravings roasted and layered red onion, honey-dijon drizzle.
Whole Wheat Wrap:
Turkey, avocado, tomatoes, spinach, with ranch dressing.
Chicken Chipotle Wrap:
Grilled chicken breast, bacon slices, avocado, romaine, tomato, chipotle mayo.

Cravings Half & Half
Soup(8 oz.) & small Envy sandwich
Soup(8 oz.) & small Cravings Chicken Salad sandwich
Soup(8 oz.) & small Spinach salad.
Cravings Sampler
Scoop of Cravings Chicken Salad on a bed of romaine lettuce, tomatoes;
with a 6oz soup and 6 oz pasta salad.
Not So Hungry?
Try our "Mini Me"

Your choice of: small Envy / Plain Jane / Joe and a side.