Cravings’ Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwich
$2.99 sm | $4.99 lg
Served with sweet garlic sauce
* Choose (Bacon or Ham or Sausage) egg and cheese
Bob Wills
$6.75 lg
Ham, cheddar, bacon, fried egg, peanut butter & jelly
Create An Omlette
Add a cheese
Add a Veggie
Add a Meat
Egg-in-a-hole Toast and Bacon
Avocado Toast
Texas or Wheatberry
Alone or with add on's or added as a a side
Green Eggs and Ham
Fried egg served on bed of
spinach, ham and grilled tomato.
Cup of Fresh Fruit
Quiche w/orange slices $4.95

Breakfast plate
2 eggs (your choice), Ham or sausage or bacon, toast, 2 orange slices $5.95
Coffee, Milk, Hot tea, Hot Chocolate, OJ or chocolate milk